Most fundraising platforms are designed for larger clients, but small, grassroots nonprofits face a lot unique problems. MultiplyMe was designed to deal with some of those issues:

  • Less manpower: smaller nonprofits rarely have a full-time paid employee in charge of the time-consuming task of fundraising.
  • Less expertise: without a dedicated fundraising person, the many tasks involved often cycle through multiple employees or volunteers, knowledge about successful techniques and tools isn’t passed along.
  • Unknown reputation: most of the donations to small nonprofits come directly from people directly involved in the organization, either as volunteers or beneficiaries. Outside of this immediate circle, few people are aware of what small non-profits are in need of funding.
  • Chronic, not urgent: Often small grassroots and community-based nonprofits are addressing systemic or chronic problems, while most donations are made to nonprofits that deal with disasters and immediately after a disaster hits. Without the feeling of urgency that a disaster creates, often potential donors don’t get around to writing that check.
  • Little or no online presence: Without a dedicated outreach person, there are fewer outlets for
  • Older donor base: Many of the traditional fundraising methods used by smaller nonprofits miss out on the large segment of young professionals, who’s incomes are rising and who aren’t yet loyal donors to only a few non-profits.

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