I worked a huge range of web design projects during my years as a freelancer, for companies with a wide range of business goals. I have a highly collaborative working style with my clients. Here are a couple projects that I don’t mind showing off:

For DirtyVagrant.com, an online travel magazine, I designed the logo, brand identity, and layout of the website, as well as contributing content.


Also for DirtyVagrant.com, I created a quiz engine which used forking paths to give the maximum possible options for results. I built by modifying an existing javascript tool, which I made into a custom WordPress plugin to fit their needs.

This Artists portfolio puts the art first, with a simple interlocking grid interface. To give the viewer a sense of scale, images are sized proportional to their actual size.


StickToYourGlueGuns is a DIY-inspired crafting blog that uses bold a bold color scheme to embellish experimental craft projects. Besides designing the blog, I also write and design projects for it.


Icelandic Hotel Fljótshlíð wanted a ‘pastoral-feeling’ website, which also had to be easily accessible in three languages (and all on the same WordPress server).

The Artist-Venue Network wanted to connect artists to business owners with empty walls, so they needed a site that would appeal to both creatives and small business owners. My logo design is also visual pun on the acronym AVN: avian.


Doctor Hannon had an existing brand identity (logo, colors, and fonts). I redesigned the layout and interface on his homepage to make it more user-friendly while maintaining the look and feel of his existing brand.


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