MultiplyMe was filling an important need, and good UX ensured that we weren’t just building a product, we were building the right product. Based on all our research, we were able to build features that our users would actually use and that solved real problems. Our Model was designed to systematize fundraising best-practices and to be easy to use, so that our clients could funnel more time and resources away from fundraising and towards fulfilling their missions. Our a user-driven referral system was extremely successful.

Some stats:

  • Challenges raise at least 10x more funds than those who just donate
  • Top level donors were able to recruit an average of 7 new donors
  • Top level donors were able to recruit an average of 2 generations of donors
  • Longest generation raised through challenges was 4
  • 53% top level donors choose to take the challenge over just donating

The system was designed so that anyone affiliated with a nonprofit could easily set up a fundraising campaign, and automatically included all the time consuming side tasks such as sending referral emails, maintaining a social media presence, creating a sense of urgency and a pipeline for those affiliated with the nonprofit to refer untapped potential donors.We moved quickly to stay innovative in a crowded field.

Through this project, I learned a lot about startups management, as well as how¬†startups¬†succeed and fail: although we received some funding, won several awards, and worked with many clients to improve our strategies and design, with our full time jobs my co-founders and I weren’t able to devote enough time to explore how far this project could go.


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